Properly Gloves Wear, Soften, and Maintain Your Grip

Mastering Golf Gloves: How to Properly Wear, Soften, and Maintain Your Grip

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Golf gloves are not just a part of the attire. They are your companion for improved grip, control, and performance. Plus, they are your hands’ best friends during the game. After all, they provide protection against friction, muscle strain, and sores. But do you know there is a specific way to wear golf gloves? Wearing them the right way makes them serve their purpose to the fullest. 

This article is your go-to guide about how to properly use your gloves and soften them. Plus, we are also going to talk about how they help you maintain a stellar performance on the course. So, let’s get started!

Perks of Wearing Golf Gloves

Before we hop on to the topic, you should know the main reason behind discussing all this – why wearing golf gloves is so important. As aforementioned, they are great when it comes to increasing grip on the club. Apart from this, they also save your hands from fatigue. 

Another plus point of gloves is that they keep your hands warm during cold days. They also provide water resistance during the rainy days. In other words, it is a must to have your gloves with you when you are teeing off. Check out Johan golf gloves.

How to Wear Golf Gloves Properly?

Wearing your golf gloves properly is necessary to avail yourself of the benefits they offer. Putting them on the right way significantly improves your game. This is how you can ensure you're getting the most out of your golf gloves:

Hand Placement

This is the most important one. Golfers should wear gloves only on one hand – the non-dominant one. For instance, right-handed golfers wear gloves on the left hand. And those who are left-handed will wear it on the right one. There is a reason behind this orientation. It is because your non-dominant hand is the strongest point of contact with the glove. 

Another important thing is to make sure that it fits you snugly. For this, slide your fingers into the glove. Also, you should secure the Velcro tab around your wrist. This will allow for more flexible movements. Pay attention to how the glove feels; check if it is comfortable or not.

Ensuring a Snug Fit Without Being Too Tight

Fitting is all that matters when it comes to golf gloves. They must be comfortable enough to fuel your performance. They should be tightly enough to prevent slipping during your swing. But they shouldn’t be so tight that they restrict blood flow or cause discomfort. 

Check whether your glove fits across your palm and fingers. There should be no excess material or wrinkles. In other words, a perfect fit is important for optimal grip and protection.

A Helpful Tip for Golfers!

If your glove feels too tight, consider trying a larger size.

Why is Softening Your Gloves Important?

Your brand-new gloves can feel stiff. And they can hinder your hand movements and affect your grip on the club. Therefore, softening them is very important. This will improve their feel and eventually their grip. Even if they are not new, your golf gloves still need to be softened. Your gloves are continuously collecting sweat and dirt. 

Softening them will maintain their suppleness and prevent cracking. Plus, this also prolongs their life. This step is particularly necessary for leather gloves. Remember that regularly softening your gloves will enable you to have a more effective golfing experience.

How to Soften Your Gloves?

These are some steps that you can follow to keep your gloves soft:


One of the easiest yet effective ways is to wash your gloves. Using gentle soap and cold water, carefully clean them. Scrub the glove using a brush to eliminate all the dirt and debris. After that, carefully rinse them and let them air dry. Avoid using hot water or harsh detergents to keep all sorts of damage at bay.


Most of the golf gloves are made of leather. And conditioning them on a regular basis is key to keeping them functioning well. For this, you can use a leather conditioner or oils. Apply a small amount and massage it thoroughly on the glove. After this, let the conditioner soak for 10 minutes and remove the excess.


This is also a very important step to keep your gloves soft and well-maintained – and to extend their life. Avoid storing them in hot or humid conditions as this will dry out and stiffen the leather. Instead, always keep them in a cool dry place when not in use. 

More Tips to Keep Your Gloves Soft

Sometimes, your gloves need more than conditioning to soften. Here are some mechanical techniques and more tips to help your gloves be the companion they are:

  • Massage – squeeze, flex, and knead – the stiff parts for several minutes to loosen them.
  • Stretch the stiff areas to soften them. Make sure you are gentle when stretching.
  • You can also ball up the glove in your hand for some minutes to loosen the stiff areas.
  • Always dry your gloves completely after the game.
  • Also, condition your leather gloves during the off-season.

When to Replace Your Golf Gloves?

In most cases, it is recommended that you replace your golf gloves with new ones once every season to maintain a good grip. However, this decision depends on many factors. These signs include a worn-out palm with visible wear. A loose fit because of being stretched out over time. A persistent, unpleasant odor that doesn’t go away even when washed is another sign that you need new gloves now.


Your golf gloves are as important in the game as your clubs. So, wearing them properly and keeping them well-maintained is mandatory. After all, your gloves can make or break your performance. If you want them to improve your control, make sure to soften them on a regular basis. This guide has you covered for all the softening techniques you need to know. All you need to do now is follow the above-given steps and take proper care of your gloves.

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