Casual Golf Clothing and Streetwear Trends

How Is Casual Golf Clothing Blending with Streetwear Trends?

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Streetwear is all about being comfortable – and so is golf clothing. Blending street clothing into your golf closet from Joahn makes the perfect casual wear collection that speaks style and ease. The truth is polos and khakis are kind of outdated now. So, we need to cling to a new trend to keep our golf fits lively and refreshing. And here we have it: the concept of a “casual golfer” look.

You can make an impactful impression on the course by wearing an outfit that stands out.

This article covers the topic of how golf clothing is evolving by following streetwear trends. We are going to discuss both clothing styles and how they resonate with each other.

Casual Golf Clothing and Streetwear Trends
Evolution of Golf Fashion

Undoubtedly, golf has always been a fashion-forward sport. It hails back to the 15th century when golfers in Scotland used to wear thick fabrics like tweed to protect themselves from cold weather. In the 1920s, golf attire became more formal with long stockings and neckties, etc. The players started prioritizing comfort over formality in the 1950s with knitted, lightweight shirts, shorts, and oxford shoes. 

Today, golf clothing is inspired by various styles. From athleisure to sustainable clothing and then some, golf apparel has become a blend of several trends. The most emerging one is streetwear-inspired casual golf clothing items. These clothes keep you comfortable while ensuring you look fashionable.

In fact, this combination of style and sport is reshaping the world of golfing with some awe-inspiring looks. Also, it is inspiring the new generation of players and spectators to take an interest in the game. 

The relaxed style plus bold and inclusive spirit of streetwear-inspired golf clothing is super appealing to the Gen-Z.

What is Streetwear?

As we are giving too much credit to streetwear for amping up the golf clothing trends, it is important to talk about what it actually is. This style was birthed on the streets instead of high-fashion runways. The appealing fact is that such clothing is backed by a casual, comfortable, and edgy aesthetic.

Streetwear is inspired by multiple sources like skateboarding, hip-hop, punk, and sports clothing. Moreover, these mostly feature bold logos, graphics, or quotes that resonate with the wearer’s views or interests. 

Such types of attire have become mainstream as they are a more accessible form of fashion. Plus, streetwear is also influencing many other clothing styles, including golf fits. 

Key Elements of Streetwear

Streetwear allows you to go out of the box while staying in your comfort zone. Sounds unconventional, right? That's exactly streetwear for you! It includes pieces like mock-neck tees, cardigans, hoodies and joggers. Many items have bold and colorful prints that make the overall attire distinctive in the crowd. What’s more, this form of fashion embraces textured fabrics and unisex silhouettes. It appeals to a larger audience because of its relaxed yet refreshing style. 

Golf Clothing and Streetwear: A Perfect Blend

Style-minded brands have come up with a new and innovative golf clothing line that features streetwear so the players can turn heads on the course with their fits. They have picked classic pieces and added playful touches to each of them. There also have been some new additions to this clothing line, such as hoodies, colorful tees, and bucket hats.

Plus, it has introduced the vibrant and iconic color patterns of green, blue, black – and similar hues in the golfing attire. Another addition is the sneakers; these offer more comfort and a touch of street style to your outfit.

These are some of the most favorite pieces of the golfers:

Clothing Items

Features and Perks

Golf Hoodies

Hoodies with golf-specific features like moisture-absorbing materials and UV protection.

Jogger Pants

These comfortable, tapered pants are suitable for golf with added stretch and fabric.

Graphic Polo Shirts

Polo shirts featuring bold graphics and designs that incorporate streetwear aesthetics with golf style.

Golf Sneakers

These sneakers are designed for golf with streetwear-inspired designs and spike-less soles.

Hybrid Jackets

Jackets that combine streetwear style with golf functionality.


Where is this Trend Headed?

The combo of casual golf clothing and streetwear shows no signs of slowing down. Here are some exciting directions we expect to discover:

Greater Variety of Styles

Be prepared to see the introduction of new styles and designs in this fashion stream. You can already get bold statement pieces for your street-inspired golf wardrobe. But, expect the trend to shift toward graphic prints that are more subtle and minimalistic.

Incorporation of High-Tech Fabrics

For those who don’t know, high-tech fabrics are those that enhance the functionality of the course. From moisture-wicking materials to UV protection fabrics, these will continue to play a major role in golf fashion. 


This is a growing concern in the fashion industry and is expected to impact several fashion trends. We can expect to see more brands incorporating sustainable materials and methods for the production of high-end clothes.

Influencer Endorsements

Endorsements by celebs are a great tactic to set new trends – especially in the world of fashion. We have seen and expect to see more and more street-inspired golf wear promotions. So, it is safe to say that this style is here to stay!


Streetwear has taken over golf for good and it is not fading anytime soon. As aforementioned, golf wear has evolved a great deal over the past century. From focusing on formality and functionality to prioritizing comfort, golf clothing has come very far. This new trend that combines street style with golfing attire is like a fresh breeze in the fashion industry. Plus, it is also attracting youngsters to take an interest in this game.

Adding a touch of boldness to your golfing fit with street style is a great way to make a statement on the course. So, if you want to add something new to your golf wear, why not try some of these unique pieces? After all, it is an amazing way to leave an impactful impression on the audience and competitors. 

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